Mtn Sheep Hunting


Oilman Lee Murchison worked hard for this old warrior!!!

Mountain Sheep Hunting is full of adventure, majestic views, heartache, adrenaline rush, camaraderie, and most of all it is a hunting adventure—It is not a shoot!

Hunting has gotten so commercialized, it makes me sick. I refuse to watch most of the TV shows that put little or no emphasis on the hunt or the animal. The majority of time is spent on selling useless gadgets. We are taking the “Hunt” out of “Hunting”! If this continues to happen our children will lose respect for the sport.

Mountain Sheep Hunting builds character, respect, and courage in men, women, and children. To me it’s the most gratifying hunting sport in North America.

So, challenge yourself, if you’ve ever thought of sheep hunting in the U.S. on a real sheep hunt that won’t break your pocketbook, give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.


Bubba Glosson
NRA Life Member
FNAWS Life Member
Grand Slam/Ovis Life Member

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